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Great Instruction Videos Easy Website Navigation. Easy to understand and follow the training instruction. But need a Gym & is time consuming.


No Details missing. All exercises in Full HD. Website itself is well-laid out with a slick look. Every detail from the number of sets & repetitions to the amount of rest is well detailed covered. No guesswork!


I managed to reach finally the 40 inches Mark. If you get the time to complete The Jump Manual, you could reach your complete potential as an explosive jumper.


It is one of the best-selling vertical jump program on the market. Comes with 60-day money back guarantee.

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The Jump Manual is among the most popular programs available, and for a good reason. 

It depends on sound logical standards and can bring incredible results. 

It was established in 2007, and since then, it’s offering the best results for dunker. 

The program requires a lot of time, just as the need for gym equipment makes this program increasingly suitable for professional athletes

It is hard to follow for somebody who does not have time or assets. 

As I mention, it’s one of the best vertical jump training programs out on the market.

Looking forward to adding SERIOUS inches to your vertical and have the opportunity to contribute.  



Table of Contents

Think Again! Is it still your The Jump Manual Reviewbest decision to turn into a +40 inch dunking machine?

Could the program truly make you 10 inches higher in your vertical jump in only three months’ duration?

Is it even possible?

The answers to all these questions are here…

My Journey starts here when...

All I wanted to do was to make my game better in every way.
It truly cut me down…

I needed to have the option to dunk like each one of those large folks I was playing toward… yet my vertical was never my quality on the court, no doubt.

Air Alert

A miserable failure – Air Alert

I didn’t think I’d have the option to get a sufficiently high vertical to dunk – I bombed too often in the past when doing programs, for example, Air Alert 3, and I was just losing expectation. 

Now, going to impart to you my involvement in The Jump Manual and how it helped me increase my vertical to an astounding 42 inches (insane, I know… yet it took me nine months, however). 

I will give you how this program functions practically speaking and experience everything in detail. 

We should jump directly into it. 

First, What is The Jump Manual?

The Jump Manual is a professional vertical jump training program that was made by Jacob Hiller. 

It’s a full training bundle that shows you how to deliberately expand your vertical jump and aides you through at every turn. 

The program guarantees to add at any rate 10 inches to your vertical, which is a BIG guarantee to make.

The simple question is, “deliver the program its promise”?


It operates on practical and logical techniques that have worked for a huge number of athletes.

So the Creator behind the program mustn’t be forgotten, its JACOB Hiller. A guaranteed mentor who has aced the specialty of vertical jumping and has trained many about how to do it and succeed.

The simple question is, “deliver the program its promise”?

Who is Jacob Hiller?

Jacob Hiller is the pioneer of Jacob Hiller Jump Manual ReviewThe Jump Manual he’s an incredibly famous coach who’ve worked with a great many athletes, some of which are NBA players and even Olympic athletes

Hiller is an unparalleled trainer who practices completely in the field of vertical jump training. 

He has helped a large number of athletes improve their vertical jump throughout the years. 

With over 15 years of experience added to his repertoire, Jacob has aced the specialty of vertical jumping down to a science. 

So with regards to expanding your vertical jump, Hiller is outstanding amongst other folks you could learn from. 

There’s such a lot of deception that gets spread around online nowadays that it’s anything but difficult to get confounded by the bogus guarantees spread by showcasing “masters” and individuals who have next to zero information in the field.

That isn’t the situation here, however. 

Hiller is a guaranteed fitness coach by the ACE (American Council on Exercise), and his strategies and methods are reliable… so you can be certain that you’re getting the correct data from a genuine source. 

In The Jump Manual, he busts a great deal of these fantasies and shows you precisely what works and what doesn’t, so you can concentrate on the things that do, and maintain a strategic distance from all the entanglements that lead to disappointment/average outcomes. 

How Jump Manual works?

So what’s the secret behind the program?

here we go, a short 3-minute video that demonstrates in a nutshell how the program goes:

The 9 Variables of Vertical Jump make The Jump Manual work. 

During the time of building up his program, Hiller has found nine distinct factors that influence your vertical jump

Practically all the programs you see today focus on only ONE or TWO of these factors. 

That’s right, that is reality… most programs out there are truly tight in their methodology.

The Jump Manual, notwithstanding, focuses on these factors – It’s the main program I’ve seen that adopts a multi-feature strategy… like this, it is considerably more effective.

Hiller clarifies that the nine factors join to make a “synergistic impact”, implying that as you improve every aspect of your vertical jump, it will positively affect the entirety of the others too. 

Simultaneously, if one of the factors isn’t sufficiently grown, your capacity to jump high will be constrained. 

Your vertical jump is entirely as compelling as its weakest link.

What are the significant factors?

1. Strenght 

  • present one’s quite obvious, isn’t that so? If you don’t have the strength and your legs are frail, you’re constrained in how high you can jump. How you improve your strength is by doing strength training. Be that as it may, not all strength training is directly for vertical jump improvement. 
  • Manual spotlights on building up the Fast Twitch muscle strands (also called Type II fibers), which are legitimately accountable for how rapidly your muscles can create power. Slow Twitch muscle fibers (redder) versus quick jerk muscle strands (more white) 
The Jump Manual Review – My Jump Journey 3

2. Snappiness 

  • Quality won’t make any difference in case you can’t create it rapidly. The quicker your muscles can get, the more touchy your jump will be. 

3. Muscle Recruitment 

  • the event that your muscle filaments aren’t selected to their maximum, your capacity to jump is diminished. 
  • Jump Manual underlines max-exertion training to ensure that your body is molded to utilize each muscle fiber and amplify your jumping capacity. 

4. Structure 

  • performing jump developments, your body utilizes various muscle groups. In this way, ensuring they all work together synergistically connected at the hip is fundamental. 
  • A legitimate structure and improving your system will assist with doing only that. 

5. Food Pattern

  • A regularly neglected part of vertical jump training is getting the correct supplements to support your muscles to develop and recoup. The equivalent applies to eat when exercises. You have to give your body the fuel to perform at the top level. 

6. Flexibility 

  • Flexibility is critical from a couple of points of view. In the first place, your muscles need the full scope of movement so as to contract as capably as could be expected under the circumstances (a long muscle can contract more than a short muscle). Second, none-adaptable muscles and tissues are exceptionally inclined to damage.
The Jump Manual Review – My Jump Journey 5
  • What’s more, third, the opposition of contradicting muscles (agonist and adversary) must be diminished so as to permit the muscles to contract uninterruptedly. The connection between backward muscles – Quads versus Hamstring In this way, it is basic that you deal with adaptability when training for the vertical jump, which is the reason there’s a colossal accentuation on it in the manual. 

7. Balance

  • If your joints and muscles aren’t steady, different pieces of your body are compelled to retain the power created when you jump, which means you’re wasting a huge portion of your vertical jump potential.

8. Body Composition 

  1. assumes an immense job in your jump – each additional pound you gain reduces your jumping potential. 
  2. The program gives substantial arrangements on ensuring your body is fit as a fiddle for the greatest jumping capacity.

9. Genetic

At last, the qualities that your inheritance from your parents additionally assume a to some degree significant job. 

Few people have fast-twitch fiber and can jump high usually, while others struggle. 

With a program like The Jump Manual, you can retrain your moderate jump muscle strands to act progressively like quick jerk filaments, which can transform nearly anybody into a dangerous leaper. 

The Jump Manual Review – My Jump Journey 7

You mustn’t have an impala’s qualities to have a “spring” in your legs.

These nine parts assume a job in how high you jump, and The Jump Manual dives deep into tending to all of them to ensure that you have the best opportunities to succeed.

Most other vertical training programs are just arrangement with only a couple of these aspects, scarcely addressing the others, which extraordinarily limits your chances of dunking.

The primary concern is this:

You won’t find a more detailed and complete vertical jump program than The Jump Manual!

It covers all that you have to think about the mechanics of vertical jumping, and it is only the tip of the iceberg.

The Logic of the Jump Manual

While The Jump Manual is a long and exhausting program that contains heaps of science-based training approaches. Surprisingly, that is not what makes it so fruitful for so many people around the world. 

It’s actually a lot less complicated

Hiller took many the most critical research papers, studies, and reference booklets in the field of vertical jumping, and afterward tried their speculations and refined that data into a 14-day training schedule that can be comprehended, retained, and finished by anybody. 

here a quick look on the member’s Dashboard of the program:

The Jump Manual Review – My Jump Journey 9

You can see precisely how well disposed and basic it is – everything is partitioned into areas, and it’s easiest to explore your way through the site. 

This is a luxury that the past ages of enthusiastic dunkers didn’t have. 

Indeed, even 15 years prior, if you needed to improve your vertical and dunk a basketball, you’d be unable to discover tried and reliable information that worked. 

No doubt you’d wind up using a program like Air Alert, and get NO outcomes, however, hazard enduring genuine damage all the while. 

With The Jump Manual, you can be sure that you’re utilizing a program that is most importantly sheltered, and it was demonstrated to be viable for a great many athletes around the world. 

However, what precisely is the science behind the program? 

Indeed, it comes down to training the two structure squares of the vertical jump: 

  1. Strength – The quality of your legs and focus muscles. Quickness – The speed at which you can apply that power to create explosiveness

Sounds basic, correct? 

To make these segments become an integral factor, The Jump Manual uses a couple of explicit and significant logical methodologies that are used to extraordinary impact in training. 

Maximum Intensity 

Probably the main motivation why the program is so compelling is its solid accentuation on doing every exercise with maximum intensity. 

This methodology may appear to be irrational since when your exertion drops just by a bit, you, for the most part, feel like you can without much of a stretch continue onward. In any case, the impact this has on your vertical is tremendous.


The Jump Manual Review – My Jump Journey 11

Numerous individuals neglect to perceive any increases, notwithstanding their enormous exertion, basically in light of the fact that they’re following improper standards and are, indeed, training for continuance, instead of instability.

The result? 

They wind up investing considerably more exertion than they have to, without anything to appear for it. 

The Jump Manual, then again, adopts a totally unique strategy and underlines training with the most extreme exertion during each activity

This shows your focal sensory system to enroll each and every fiber in your muscles with each jump, rather than sparing vitality for long sessions of dreary jumping. 

To place it into the setting, envision that you’re training for a 100-meter run. 

If you train by running a progression of 5-mile runs, you’re showing your muscles to save vitality so as to cover the long separation. 

Training along these lines, your top dash speed will really diminish in light of the fact that your muscles will learn and adjust to your preparation system. 

So while a long-distance runner and a sprinter are both actually doing likewise, for example, running, their genuine exercises are totally extraordinary.

I don’t get this’ meaning for you?

If you need to prepare for expanding your vertical, it’s basic that you stick to low repetition and maximum effort; else, you’re simply training yourself to jump at a lower force for a significant stretch of time.


FORM improvement = Quick result

Another mainstay of The Jump Manual that makes it so fruitful is its devotion to improving your form. 

Numerous clients of the program report seeing critical gains in only a couple of days just in light of the fact that they fixed blemishes in their form that were shielding them from jumping higher. 

The Jump Manual Review – My Jump Journey 13

The program commits a great deal of time to examine the correct structure and demonstrating it in recordings.

You will find out about methods, for example, stretching out the penultimate advance to make upward dormancy, and how to move your energy all the more proficiently.

These systems are then strengthened utilizing cautiously chosen activities, some of which use a prescription ball to ensure that the developments impersonate that of really dunking a b-ball.

This itself can enormously affect your vertical.

It permits your body to disguise the right structure and procedure that go into a vertical jump, accordingly effectively moving your vertical capacity from the instructional courses to the b-ball court.

What’s more, we should not overlook the significance of structure from a wellbeing point of view.

As your athletic capacity increments, so does the danger of damage. Along these lines, it turns out to be a higher priority than any time in recent memory to realize how to jump and land effectively with each jump.

The Improvement Zone 

So as to gain relentless ground, it’s fundamental to propel yourself in each exercise. 

If you quit expanding the resistance of your weight training, you will level and stop seeing any significant results. 

The Jump Manual Review – My Jump Journey 15

Training in ‘The Improvement Zone’ ensures that you keep improving over time.

How is this reflected in the program? 

The Jump Manual has built up the ideal logical recipe for ensuring that you’re continually training in what’s known as The Improvement Zone, which is around 85% of your one-rep max. Training in ‘The Improvement Zone’ guarantees that you continue advancing after some time. 

This guarantees you’ll keep on using each and every fiber in your muscles and condition them to perform at the max limit with every touchy development. 

With this methodology, you don’t have to stress over hitting exact rep numbers – the main thing that issues is that every single rep is done at a 100% exertion.

The Jump Manual Workouts 

The Jump Manual program goes on for a quarter of a year; however, the real exercises are part into a 14-day cycle that is rehashed continually while steadily expanding the loads. 


You’ll be training two times each week, with off-days concentrated on recuperation activities, extending, and focus training. 


The first week by week exercise concentrates more on instability and plyometric training, while the subsequent one is quality based, and ought to be done in the rec center. 


Fast note: the program likewise gives approaches to do the activities even without a gym. 

Since the exercises are very broad, you ought to hope to spend in any event 1-2 hours on every one of them, and afterward some more opportunity for the cooldown, icing, and refueling a short time later. 

This sort of remaining task at hand, while successful, can justifiably be dangerous for certain people, particularly in-season players. 

If you are one of those people and you don’t have a lot of time (or access to a Gym), Vert Shock can be an excellent option as it doesn’t require any hardware, and the exercises can be finished in less than 60 minutes. 

My Results

Having the option to jump higher has improved my game colossally. 

Before choosing this program, I couldn’t square shots, bounce back, or dunk the ball, which is, for the most part, primary segments of being a decent athlete. 

Now, I can do these things. I can dunk the ball (in games), I can bounce back more adequately, and I can even square people who are 5-6 inches taller than me. 

As a little something extra, I’m likewise running and moving much quicker on the court. 

I’m a vastly improved player now than what I used to be, and it’s everything because of this kickass program. 

I won’t bore you with numerous details; I’ll simply state I’m extremely glad for myself. It’s been one serious ride for as far back as nine months, and it’s an enormous achievement for me.

On this event, I’m likewise glad to declare that I at long last hit the 40-inch imprint, and you’re going to see a savage dunker, so lock in! Here are my outcomes with the program so you can perceive what level of physicality you can accomplish with the correct training.


Here are some best benefits of being part of this program:

Strong Strength Training Routine 

Where The Jump Manual truly exceeds expectations is its quality training exercises – it is no ifs, ands or buts the most nitty-gritty and viable quality program accessible anyplace outside of private instructional courses by an expert mentor. 

The exercises and the standards behind them are everything except ensured to give you huge and consistent gains as long as you adhere to the directions. 

The Jump Manual Review – My Jump Journey 21

Builds Your Max-Vertical Potential 

Since The Jump Manual uses both quality training AND plyometrics, your roof for the maximum vertical is a lot higher than with some other, plyometrics-just programs, for example, Vert Shock

If you set aside the effort to finish The Jump Manual, you could arrive at your maximum capacity as an unstable jumper. 

 Strong Warm-Up Routine 

A legitimate warm-up routine is a fundamental piece of jumping higher, yet in addition, forestalling damage. 

Similarly, as in different territories, The Jump Manual works admirably of training your body for the preparation. 

Packed with Concise Info

Jump manual works superbly of showing you the science behind vertical jumping in a reasonable and succinct manner. 

For what reason is this significant? 

Since no program will work forever.

Indeed, it’s an exceptionally adjusted and deliberately arranged program. 

It’s designed all for YOU. This is the place the intensity of information comes in. 

The Jump Manual encourages you to get a profound comprehension of each significant angle that goes into an unstable vertical jump, and it does as such in a short, absorbable path without tossing a lot of materials and course books on you. 

The Jump Manual Review – My Jump Journey 23

Long stretches of research were refined into a basic and straightforward training program

It’s a major improvement contrasted with different programs, for example, BoingVert that simply dump a mess of data on you and are extremely dispersed in the manner they present things. 

Furthermore, it’s likewise not one of those sub-par stripped-down programs that lone give you a sets and reps plan to follow, yet leave you confused concerning how or why anything functions. 

Let me give you an example:

I recently reviewed  Bounce Kit (Jordan Kilganon’s jump program), and I was baffled to discover. 

Behind all the publicity and the superstar status that encompassed this program, in all actuality, it’s simply one more no-frills exercise schedule—with practically no data in it. 

What’s more, this isn’t something new, so I’m not carefully criticizing Bounce Kit here; however, the unfortunate truth is, the vast majority of the programs out there these days are that way. 

So when you discover a program that really sets aside the effort to clarify everything in detail, and shows all of you the basics, it, for the most part, implies it’s a quality piece. 

An excellent option for People with injuries 

Since the program focus on protected and controlled developments, just as building a strong establishment, it is perfect for people with earlier injuries or those that are somewhat more established. 

You can begin moderate, and expand on your advancement, accomplishing stunning outcomes and improving your sturdiness simultaneously. 

100% Money-Back Guarantee

The Jump Manual’s makers are sure to such an extent that it will bring you results that they’re offering a bewildering 60-day unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

This implies you’re not gambling anything while attempting the program – you have two months to check whether it works for you, and if you don’t get results, you can request a refund and recover ALL of your cash.

The Jump Manual Review – My Jump Journey 25

Weight Room Alternatives 

While The Jump Manual depends intensely on weight training and an exercise centre, Jacob tries to help the individuals who don’t approach one and gives some “natively constructed” options that could supplant it. 

If you can’t get to a gym, a program like Vert Shock (which requires no gym or hardware) may be the better decision. 

Science-Based Training Approach 

A major star of The Jump Manual is the way that it gives a science-based way to deal with improving your vertical and clarifies the thinking behind the exercises unmistakably. 

This implies you won’t need to question if the techniques are compelling. In essence, everything is clarified and demonstrated in the program, so your solitary employment is placing in the work, and the outcomes will come. 

Nutritious Plan Designed for Maximum Gains

Jacob works admirably of streamlining the nutritious combination to make it as simple as conceivable to utilize every day.

The Jump Manual Review – My Jump Journey 27

That being stated, you ought to hope to make a major promise to your eating regimen in the event that you need to receive the most reward from this program.

An enormous piece of the achievement is furnishing your body with the essential fuel previously, during and after the exercises.

Best Program for Preventing Injuries 

The Jump Manual uses a lot of time teaching the proper pattern and working on your stability, so you will have a solid basis for evading any injuries that might become more likely after you increase your athletic strength.

Generally Basketball Performance Improvement 

The extraordinary thing about having an enormous vertical is that it means all pieces of your game – you’ll improve as a rebounder, a better defender, and a progressively predominant player in pretty much every part of the game. 



Here are a few drawbacks, I observed:

Time intensive

Maybe the greatest most disadvantage of the program, and one that keeps many people from consistently getting issues with it, is precisely how slow it is. 

The tiring exercises that frequently take around two hours, the exacting eating routine, the need for gear, all imply that you’ll require a great deal of commitment and time on your hands to have the option to do the program. 

Requires A Gym / Minimum Equipment 

Even though The Jump Manual provides training options for a gym, they aren’t generally as successful. In certain activities, it’s difficult to mirror a similar impact without the weights. 

Hence, I prescribe that you do this program in a Gym. 

The Jump Manual Review – My Jump Journey 29

In any case, this can be an issue for some people, particularly in case you’re youthful, and you’re short on the Dollar. 

In case you’re one of those individuals, and out of the blue you can’t/would prefer not to pay for a Gym, you can go to Vert Shock, an incredible plyometrics-based program that doesn’t require any gear.

If anyway you are keen on doing The Jump Manual, and you comprehend the HUGE advantages quality training brings to the table, at that point, help yourself out and at any rate get yourself a pair of dumbells. 

You will have a hard time believing how much this little expansion could overhaul your preparation.

 Not Suitable for In-Season Training 

Since the program is so burdening on the body and requires a strict recuperation routine during off-days, it’s not wise to use during the season. 

So except if you’re an adapted athlet who’s utilized to a ton of outstanding task at hand, I wouldn’t suggest doing it during the season. 

You’d be vastly improved off doing it off-season when time is your ally. 

 Genuine. In any case, vertical jump picks upstart at the off-season. 

It takes more time to get Results 

While The Jump Manual is exceptionally powerful in the long haul, the program isn’t the best decision in case you’re hoping to pick up inches as quickly as could be possible. 

Actually, it can even diminish your vertical marginally to start with because of the hard weight lifting schedule. 

If you asked me, this doesn’t detract from the program by any stretch of the imagination, as I would see it each basketball player ought to prepare his vertical lasting through the year and show restraint. 

However, I understand that a few people don’t need that, they rather make the most of their off-season and relax when they’re away from contending. 

In case you’re one of those people, and you incline toward beginning your preparation just before the season starts (or during it), a plyometrics-situated program like Adam Folker’s Vert Shock will work quicker and will generally get more inches in less time.

Will the program work out for you?

The Jump Manual can bring results, no uncertainty about that… however, it’s just in the event that you can follow every one of its headings and complete all the exercises. 

But, this is a lot more difficult than one might expect.

How Committed would you say you are? 

Making such a major Commitment for a quarter of a year is unquestionably not for everybody. 

The Jump Manual Review – My Jump Journey 31

You have to have a ton of time on your hands for the long exercises that regularly require broad utilization of gym hardware, severe dietary rules, and even post-exercise recuperation time—which may leave you unreasonably depleted for nearly whatever else. 

It nearly appears as though the program anticipates that you should prepare like a full-time proficient competitor, which clearly a large portion of us b-ball fans are definitely not. 

Along these lines, except if you’re ready to make such a major duty, I would suggest investigating Vert Shock, a program created by Adam Folker and Justin Darlington. 

It depends solely on “shock” training, requires no gear, and has demonstrated to be exceptionally compelling while at the same time keeping the normal time of the exercises to not exactly 60 minutes. 

How many Inches to Gain? 

It’s hard to foresee an accurate number as it relies upon numerous variables, for example, your current physical shape, your age, earlier wounds, just as your hereditary qualities. 

Be that as it may, in case you’re ready to finish the program and finish on its standards, it’s not absurd to hope to arrive at a 35-inch vertical or higher (maybe even 40″ if you previously had a not too bad vertical). 

The program’s standards are sound and analyzed, so the inquiry isn’t as a lot of whether the Jump Manual works, yet rather in the event that you’ll have the opportunity and assets to complete it. 


While the program itself is amazingly thorough, its Bonuses area deserves a different notice – a portion of the free additional items you get with The Jump Manual is worth very much all alone, and that by and by shows exactly how top to bottom Jacob Hiller’s program truly is. 

I’ve picked a couple of Bonuses that affect your vertical the most. 

Instant Inches 

Step by step instructions to jump higher in a short time As the name proposes, Instant Inches is tied in with expanding your vertical jump in only minutes. 

The Jump Manual Review – My Jump Journey 33

This is done not through some mystical fairy dust sprinkled on your shoes, but instead by showing you a couple of parts of vertical training that you can actualize right away. 

Also, the outcome can be stunning… 

Right now book, you’ll find out about the Miracle Static Stretches that help your muscles and ligaments build up the full scope of movement, which can in a split second add 2-4 inches to your vertical

Moment Inches additionally has a video arrangement that dives deep into each and every basic development of jumping, separating the jumping structure into straightforward advances. 

At last, there’s an exceptionally enlightening area on palming the ball, which can be significant when you’re near dunking yet just can’t appropriately stuff the ball in the loop. 

Plateau Busters

The Jump Manual Review – My Jump Journey 35

One of the most widely recognized issues when training your vertical jump is hitting a level.

Many hopeful dunkers abandon their dream basically because regardless of how hard they train, they can’t gain any ground after a specific point.

Fortunately, Plateau Busters manages that. 

It’s a far-reaching questionnaire that permits you to experience every potential issue and make sense of precisely what’s shielding you from gaining ground. 

Bodyweight Basketball Training

Ultimately, for those that don’t approach a gym or hardware, Jacob has made the Bodyweight Basketball Training module. 

This module replaces all the weight-based exercises with bodyweight works out, permitting you to do the program anyplace. 

The Jump Manual Review – My Jump Journey 37

While the outcomes probably won’t be equivalent to at the Gym, you can, in any case, gain strong ground, as the Bodyweight Basketball Training program has deliberately chosen activities that supplant the weight training practices nearly also.


The Jump Manual does not just allow you to build your vertical jump; however, it additionally improves your b-ball aptitudes and generally speaking physical quality and physicality. 

In case you’re extremely certain about improving as a b-ball player, it’s extraordinary compared to other jump training programs you could have. 

However, it requires a colossal duty on your part, and for some people that have school or a vocation, it may be a lot to follow. 

In any case, it depends on it… if you complete the program, you’re ensured to have a solid vertical that will improve your game and help you accomplish what each basketball player longs for, yet just a couple get – the capacity to dunk!


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