Dunk Calculator- How High Do I Need To Jump to Dunk?

How to use the Dunk calculator:

Vert Shock Dunk calculator is an essential tool for the basketball players to evaluate how high a person needs to jump to dunk a basketball. It is calculated by standing reach, which is the highest a person can reach while standing. The Vert Shock online calculator will help you to figure out the force, speed, vertical Jump, hang time and take off velocity by calculating the height of the rim, standing reach, and extra reach to Dunk.

Step 1: Select the measuring unit ft or cm to calculate your vertical Jump. 

Step 2: High of the Rim. The Standard high of a Rim is 10ft (305cm)

Step 3: Enter your Standing Reach. If you don’t know your Standing Reach, you can find out more at “What is Standing Reach – And How Do You Measure it Correctly?”

Step 4: Extra Reach of Dunk. Enter the extra space between fingertips and Rim you need to complete a Dunk.

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I am going to share with you exactly how I increased my vertical jump 4 inches in under an hour…

Fascinating facts when examining Vertical Jumps :

  • When you are questioning yourself: “How tall do I have to be to dunk?” – you are simply asking the wrong question! The wingspan is also extremely important as it is an essential part of the standing reach.
  • If you have a vertical jump of 100cm, you going to spend more than 50% of the hang time above 72cm. That tells why it often seems as if a jumper is “stopping” mid-air.
  • If you are able to jump high enough to squeeze in dunks right now, in this case, an increase of only a few inches will have a considerable impact. For instance, if you require a jump height of 30 inches to dunk and you could jump precisely 30 inches, you have an actual hang time of 0.39 seconds. This will be the speediest time in which you could achieve a dunk. If you increase your vertical jump by simply 2 inches, your effective hangtime rises by 30% to 0.51 seconds, giving you enough more time in the air for stuff like windmills. The speed of the dunk becomes enormously faster as you can complete a dunk within 0.31 seconds, making you considerably harder to block!
  • While small dunkers have to train much more to perform a dunk, they also have the benefit of great hang time.