Chris Paul Shooting Form – The New Mid-Range Pull-Up King?

Chris Paul Shooting Form

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Standing at 5’11”, Chris Paul is not certainly the tallest NBA player to hit the basketball floor. However, he is among the best point guards to play the NBA. Wearing number 3, he is also known as CP3.

Chris Paul shooting form is incredible, and he is currently at the peak of his basketball career.

Chris Paul’s success as a point-guard is undeniable. In his first 11 years, he has been All-star for nine times. His exceptional record as a point-guard speaks for himself.

Chris Paul is an excellent leader, an exemplary leader, and one of the most talented lads in the NBA. His success as a point-guard is something worthy to talk about. Currently, he is 33 and certainly enjoying his peak as a player.

With the kind of form he’s in and considering his past performances, he’s one of the most anticipated players in the league, and the day isn’t far when he’ll be a 50-40-90 shooter.
If you are finding it hard to believe, then have a look at his 2014-15 stats. In that season, Paul hit 48.5% of his FGM, 39.8% of his 3s, and 90% from the free-throw line. The above stats suggest that he is very close to becoming a 50-40-90 shooter.

The King of Mid-Range

Chris Paul shooting form makes him the best mid-range pull-up in the NBA. The majority of his shots are attempted between 10-feet to the 3-point line.

Chris Paul leaves behind other elite point-guards by a heavy margin. Chris Paul attempts 50% of his shots between 10-feet to the 3-point line. Stephen Curry attempts 36% of his shots between the same area, while Kyrie Irving attempt 28%.

It’s clear that Chris Paul shoots more pull-ups than any other player in the same category.

Another interesting comparison between Chris Paul and Stephen Curry shows that Chris shoots 48.7% of his shots between 16-feet to the 3-point line while Steph shoots 39.4% only. Certainly a huge difference between both!


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Stephen Curry crosses Chris Paul
Chris Paul getting the buisness from Stephen Curry

Chris Paul Shooting Workout

To understand the success factors of Chris Paul, we need to breakdown his shooting mechanics. Chris Paul shooting workout inside the court is a perfect blend of anticipation, game awareness, smart moves, and perfect timing.

While shooting, Chris Paul turns his legs, making him a turn shooter.

Apart from turning his legs and dipping the ball, he uses a sweep & sway technique when attempting a 3-pointer. Paul’s feet move forward, keeping the shoulders back, which helps to create a better arc.

Chris Paul the defender
Chris Paul the Defender

To beat the defense of the opposition, Chris takes great advantage of hopping. All he does is a hop, which makes him unstoppable. The reason why he needs to hop so much is his short height. Standing at 5’11”, Chris is a short lad for the NBA. Though he lacks a few inches, hopping helps him make up for his height and beat the defense of the opposition.

Another exceptional move of Chris that makes him successful at beating the tall defenders is floater.

Elite Scorers vs Chris Paul
Elite Scorers vs Chris Paul

Elite Scorers vs Chris Paul 

Chris Paul is one of the league’s best shooters from the mid-range area. Paul leads the league in mid-range shooting percentage for all players who … sure the form is right every single time due to the mechanics being strong.

Chris Paul we all know and love. This is reflected on his stats, over his first 10 games he shot 43% from the field, games 10-20 he shot 45%

Chris Paul is an incredible defender as an individual because he allows 0.66 points per possession.

Unlike many other isolation defenders, he does not bow down against the likes of Kevin Durant. And give a tough competition to them.

After trying hard to beat Chris Paul’s defense, Durant learned that it is impractical to try beating Chris with a quick crossover.

Chris Paul plays brilliantly to outsmart his opponents, trying to break his defense. He does not only push up the opponents, halt their forward movement, but also steal the ball from them and leaves them clueless with his incredible maneuvers.

Since the announcement of Blake Griffin’s unavailability, Chris Paul has stood out against the Clippers’ opponents

Chris Paul Shooting Form – The New Mid-Range Pull-Up King? 3
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Notable Opponents vs Chris Paul Since 2/8

According to, Chris Paul has better opponents to the conversion rate. It is much lower than the league’s average. 

His efficiency against point guards is excellent. gives him an efficiency rating of 14.3 against other point-guards. 

Chris Paul has brilliant instinctual abilities. His combined capabilities of playing both defensive & offensive gameplay make him an insanely brilliant player.

In an early-February sequence, Chris started playing as a guard against OCT player Russell Westbrook. He did an excellent work against opponents and outsmarted hi every opponent. Chris’s head keeps swiveling while keeping the eyes on the screeners.
Here are a few glimpses of his insanely brilliant anticipation and incredible work against the opponents:

NBA League Pass Archive Chris Paul

Once he has ensured that Westbrook is not a threat at the moment, he changes his position to destroy the Durant-Ibaka pick-and-roll. Disrupting the primary action stops Durant to complete the action they are aiming at.

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NBA League Pass Archives - Chris Paul CP3
Chris Paul Shooting Form – The New Mid-Range Pull-Up King? 7
NBA League Pass Archives - Chris Paul CP3

When Durant tries to pass through a tight space, Chris is ready to intersect the steal the ball from him. This results in taking control of the ball, passing it to an open player, and changing the course of the action.

Though Chris succeeded here to swipe the ball, the underlying reason for success is more important. What makes him insanely brilliant at swipe is his anticipation and game awareness.

Considering his abilities and diversity in his play, it is not surprising that the Head Coach perceives him as the best point guard ever. In one of his interactions with an interviewer, the head coach said: “I think he’s the best defender at the point guard I’ve seen–maybe ever”

Regardless of his moves inside the court, Chris does everything perfectly. Whether he is stealing the ball from the ball handler, stopping jump shots, or halting opponent’s forward move – Chris does everything incredibly well.

CP3 can play on both sides of the court. Whether the team needs an offensive contribution of defensive contribution, Chris can make a difference with his skills.

Hall of Fame Bound for Cp3 ?

Chris Paul Shooting Form – The New Mid-Range Pull-Up King? 9

Is it safe to say that Chris Paul is all set to become a Hall of Famer? Well, we need to wait and see if he can continue his exceptional stats for long enough to enter the legendary Hall of Fame.

Players like Steve Nash, John Stockton, and Reggie Miller all were exceptional shooters but failed to win a championship. Will Chris Paul CP3 be one of them? Well, we cannot say anything because Chris has several years of professional basketball left in him.
Regardless of whether he wins a championship and enters Hall of Fame or not, CP3 is certainly one of the best point-guards. He is multi-talented and possesses exceptional qualities that enable him to make unbeatable shoots, dribbling, and passes. He is a quick & incredible decision-maker with pinpoint shooting accuracy.

According to some fans & experts, he beats Stephen Curry in every aspect, but it is a debate that needs another fact-based debate.

CP3’s shooting form is brilliant, and no matter what he does in the court, there’s always an element of accuracy behind it.

With such exceptional record, skills, and basketball mind, we wish best of luck to win himself a championship title, enter Hall of Fame, and win every title he deserves.

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