The Top 6 best outdoor basketball

The Top 6 Best Outdoor Basketballs

I still remember my first Top-class basketball. It was a Wilson Evolution
with synthetic leather panels – It was a asome ball!

I played with the Wilson for ages until all the panels fell off, and there was actually not much grip left. This ball really simply couldn’t dribble anymore, and nobody could make a shot, except myself:-) Ooh It was a sad day when I definitely had to throw it away.

Since then, I have gone through many balls and analyzed a lot about perfect outdoor basketball.

Today, I want to share my experience and what I learned. I’m sure it will help you pick the best option for your style of play and budget.

How to go ahead and find the Best Outdoor Basketball?

The Right Feel

How you feel as you play basketball is all that matters.

It is what excites you to play basketball the more.

It also offers you a soft touch as you go about the 3 point line.

The best outdoor basketball provides an indoor feel that has a synthetic cover capable of holding up to the elements.

Outdoor basketball has changed over time.

For instance, the traditional rubber ball that had complete grippy dimples get slippery when in contact with dust. Its dimples also wear out very quickly.


Cheap basketballs usually deflate, especially when there is a drop in temperature.

It feels bad when you get stripped or lose the dribble because your ball does not bounce right.

It is good to note that the best outdoor ball rarely deflates even if the temperature will go down. However, it is recommended that you ensure that you always have a ball pump with you at home just in case your ball deflates.


Balls can be affected by the environment. Metal backboards, metal nets, dirt, moisture, and rocks can destroy your ball.

Make sure you buy a ball that will last a bit longer, and this will save you the cost of having to buy a new one now and then.

Staying with a ball for long also makes you have an ultimate feel on that ball.

Moisture Grip

It is important to consider howThe Top 6 Best Outdoor Basketballs 2020 1 the ball behaves when in contact with moisture.

Some of the balls remain wet even after towelling them.

Such kinds of balls are not the best since they will make you break from playing in case of a rainstorm.

You need a ball that can stand the test of moisture. Plus you can use Liquid Chalk to improve your grip. 


It is good to note that each time your ball bounces on the court, it wears out a little bit.

This is because of the dust on the outdoor court.

This dirt works similar to sandpaper which gradually whittles away at the ball.

This makes your ball lose weight over time, making the ball ineffective.

You require a ball that will retain its weight so that it may be easy for you to dribble with it.

Skill Level

If you are a serious and well-skilled basketball player, you desire a composite leather ball like the Spalding NBA Zi/O that feels excellent and is great to play with.

Though leather balls will not last forever, especially when played on a rough surface.

On the other hand, in case you

The Top 6 Best Outdoor Basketballs 2020 3

are looking for a basketball for your kids that just learning to shoot hoops in the driveway, then handling is not so important, but you like to have a durable ball that will withstand rolling into the thorny rose hedges. 

In this circumstance, a cheaper rubber ball like the Spalding NBA Street does more sense!



Most of the basketballs are a bit heavy and small Kids will not be able to play with such basketballs.

The following chart can assist you in choosing ball size to buy:

SizeCircumferenceRecommended age
Size 527.5 inchesStandard youth basketball for ages 9 years to 11 years
Size 628.5 inchesStandard women basketball and boys aged 12-14 years
Size 729.5 inchesboys aged 15 years or older and men

Below are some of the best outdoor basketballs:




Price: 9.73$

The Mikasa BX1000

  • It has a tacky rubber and a very strong grip 
  • The seams on it aren’t very deep
  • Unlimited bargain option

Price: 22.66$

The Spalding NBA Street

  • It is durable and has a strong rubber ball
  • Perfect ball for beginners and kids
  • It is a great bang for the buck

Price: 19.89$

The Spalding NBA Hexagrip

  • Its “Never flat” technology makes it retains its air pressure for more than one year
  • It is available only in adult size
  • Hexagon pebbling gives it a great grip

Price: 21.85$

Spalding NBA Street Phantom

  • It has a unique black appearance and neon lettering
  • It has Soft rubber which makes it easy to handle

Price: 24.49$

Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor

  • The handling of this ball feels great
  • It has a longer break-in period

Price: 35.00$

Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor/Outdoor

  • It has a synthetic leather feels that greatly helps when shooting
  • It provides close indoor ball quality
  • It is the most favorable outdoor basketball for skilled players
The Top 6 Best Outdoor Basketballs 2020 9


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Detailed Look at the Best Outdoor Basketballs

The Mikasa BX1000

This is a plug and play ball. With this ball, you are ready to hit the outdoor court straight from the box.

This is a rubber ball and very affordable. It has different sizes from which you can make your choice.

It has a unique quality in deep pebbling.Most of the balls made of rubber have very weak pebbles.

However, the pebble in this ball is strong and deep, making it a great ball even in cold and rainy weather.

It has an intense grip, and this is one thing that makes it unique. The ball is available in a lot of different sizes. It’s perfect for your kids too.

The Spalding NBA Street

This ball is an economy option. It is one of the best basic outdoor basketballs in the market today.The pebble of this ball offers a firm grip irrespective of the weather.

It has deep seams which allow you to handle it perfectly. Its rubber is very soft, giving you a decent feel. It is already inflated as you buy it.Hence you can play with it right away.

This is a perfect choice for those who require a basketball for young kids. This is because it comes with a very durable rubber which helps it endures rough treatment.

The best thing with Spalding NBA streetball is its ability to keep the air pressure even when left outdoors.

It is highly recommended even for start-up players. 

The Spalding NBA Hexagrip

This ball addresses the issues of inflation. Most of the balls do disappoint players when exposed to cold temperatures. This ball tends to have a technology, “never flat.” It has a track record of staying inflated for not less than a year without being pumped. You will not need to worry about the air pressure of this ball when playing.

The skin of Spalding NBA Hexagrip is hexagons etched. It provides a player with a different feel from that of an indoor ball which may not or may suit you. The amazing thing is its hex design. This design whisks the waters away hence making the grip to remain the same in inclement weather. Its hard rubber does not only make this ball durable but also mitigates abrasion.

The manufacturers claim that you can play with this ball daily without its grip going down. This means that this ball can maintain its shape and weight for a whole year. This is a perfect match for players who play often and need a ball they can depend on during all conditions, including rainy seasons.

Spalding NBA Street Phantom

Spalding NBA Street Phantom is a great choice to play with during midday basketball. During this time, the sun is very high, and glare becomes a problem. The best thing with this ball is that you can complete the lettering and seams on this ball in daylight hours. Though it is a rubber ball, it has a unique quality known as “Soft Grip Technology.” This is what offers this nice ball handling. The soft grip technology also makes it easy to palm the ball. This ball is capable of withstanding all weather conditions, including hot humidity and cold temperature. 

This quality provides a player with a good grip on the ball.

In addition, this ball can be modified. The lettering of this ball comes in different colours. You can customize the ball, this ball to look differently. This means that your ball will always look different in court. The black colour of this ball makes it very unique. This uniqueness keeps your ball always protected since it is hard for someone to walk away with it. 

Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor

This is one of the best basketballs in the market. It is a bit heavy, but this unique quality makes it stand out among other balls. It takes a very long time for it to break in. However, when you break it in, it makes you feel like the court’s king. This Under Armour 495 ball has a leather indoor and standard pebbling. This offers a player with a good feel. However, its heavy sheen makes it a little bit slippery. This is the reason you need to break into it.

According to NBA regulation, balls should be broken in for a longer period before hitting the court. To emphasize this, the NBA has a machine that helps the players to dribble the ball many times so that they can have the right feel.

Even if this ball is heavy, it wears away after you dribble it for several hours. Its slippery sheen wears away as well after shooting the ball around several times.

The amazing thing is that this type of ball comes along with a nylon-wound that helps it retain its shape. It has a long-lasting butyl bladder that enables it to retain air. It is the best ball during a windless day on the court.

Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor/Outdoor

This is one of the best outdoor basketballs for shooting. This type of ball can be used in both courts, including the outdoor and indoor. This can be a great choice for players who play both in outdoor and indoor courts since they will need just to buy one ball hence saving some money. Spalding NBA Zi/O has a soft indoor leathery feel that makes the player have a right feel as they release a shot. A good shot is the one that rolls softly from the fingertips having a slow backspin. This needs an accurate touch which is impossible without the soft indoor feel on the ball. 

This type of ball has very deep seams that enable a player to line his basketball up for a j. The deep seams are also very helpful in dribbling. This is because the seam creates an environment whereby a finger can sink into them while the ball is rolling across the hands. This helps the player to grip the ball and change its direction instantly as he dribbles it.

Spalding NBA Zi/O is a good match for people who are serious basketball players or for those who are well skilled in the game. It is considered to be one of the most durable balls.

Wrap Up, which Ball to pick?

Having an enjoyable play is influenced by many factors, including durability, the nature of the ball, the age of the player, the expertise level of the player, and the conditions of the weather.

However, most of the players recommend the Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor/Outdoor Basketball.

This is because of its double use, whereby it can be used both in indoor and outdoor courts.

It is also considered to be one of the balls that require little time to break-in.

Most of the players who want to cut down on the cost can go for Spalding NBA Street Basketball which has rubber in them.

These types are not only cheaper but also durable compared to other basketball.

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