Bar Brothers “The System” Review Can The 12 Week Program Deliver Results?


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The results speak for himself with hundreds of thousand members worldwide. Personally, I improved significantly overall strength.


It is right now the best-selling street workout training program/calisthenics training program. The Pricing is without a question fair, plus you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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This is a 12 weeks program is the best to build up your muscles and gain a lot of strength. Yes, without going to the gym or acquiring any workout equipment other than a simple bar.

This program offers full support to its participants, with an amazing money-back guarantee feature.

Within your first few weeks into this program, you tend to achieve a better and faster result, with so many noticeable gains.

The Bar Brothers program is one that can help you build your long desired physique even then it is interestingly cost-effective.

You don’t have to worry about outrageous fees that will be required of you to pay at the gym. Also, having to explore the freedom that comes with practicing whenever and wherever it is convenient for you. This entails that you can practice remotely, giving you your own time.

While practicing with Bar brothers, you do not have to bother about getting injured. Because you don’t have to handle dangerous and high risk workout equipment.

You’re only learning how to build up your muscles and gain more strength in the most natural ways. No need for weight lifting and having to take risks carrying heavy workout equipment that has the tendency of getting you injured.


Bar Brothers The System Review – Can The 12 Week Program Produce Results? 1

Table of Contents

Ever wondered what this is all about?

Well, this article will clear your curiosity. Bar Brothers – The System is a program designed to teach people about the ideal ways to build up enough strength and develop their muscles naturally.

If you’re a basketball player who’s really looking out for the best and possible ways to gain a muscular body and lean naturally. Or you’re considering building your core strength, then Bar Brothers – The system is the program for you, simply look no further.

Acquiring the speed or strength of a gymnast, or achieving the aim of looking amazingly ripped without visiting the gym is absolutely possible with the Bar Brothers – The system.

This is a totally proven system which has been designed to help you build up your muscles & strength, and tone up in the most natural way.

Bart Brothers the System review

Why the System?

After conducting wide research on The Bar Brothers – The System program, I understood that this program is based on calisthenics exercise. It is one of the best ways to tone your muscles and build natural strengths through pull-up/chin-up bar.

The main reason why I wanted to try this program was that I was suffering from shoulder and back pain in many instances in my life.

This movement established by the two athletes to create the awareness of healthy living and bar training using calisthenics to transmute the lives of people from different parts of the world.

Even though I continued working out consistently and had some equal round that consisted of cardio and weight-lifting, I still had my fair share of injuries.

After taking my time to analyze how the system works, I discovered that this program offers the most fantastic value for money.

So I decided to give it a shot, which turned out to be the perfect one.
After trying out the Bar brother’s workout with calisthenics, I was able to get a cure for my shoulder pains.

Bar Brothers The System Review – Can The 12 Week Program Produce Results? 3
Calisthenics to the rescue

What is Bar Brothers – The System?

Bar Brothers the system is an interesting but unique 12 weeks training program. It offers a step by step guideline to bring a total transformation to your mind and body within the 12 weeks it’s scheduled to last for.

How does it work?

This program relies on building the body using bodyweight exercise and calisthenics. It has been proven to be one of the most beneficial, easier, and fastest means of gaining muscles and building strength.

This program has brought about an official workout system known as the Bar Brothers movement. This program has over 65,000 participants all over the world.

Bar Brothers – The System was established by two respected and most famous workout athletes, namely Dusan Djolevic and Lazar Novovic.

Why Calisthenics?

Complex movements can be performed while undergoing Calisthenics training and building muscle groups at the same time.

It helps in working out your body in the most appropriate way, which is the best and fastest way to muscle up instead of having to go to the gym.

Bar Brothers The System Review – Can The 12 Week Program Produce Results? 5

No Gym needed

You do not need to go to the gym to build your muscles while using callisthenics. You’ll be able to build your body most effectively.

Yes, right from the comfort of your home without having to buy expensive workout equipment or spend money to enroll at the gym.

This fact alone could save you round about $450 a year in gym membership fees.

It doesn’t stunt your growth – Callisthenics seems to be most beneficial to adolescents and teenagers. Because they are not capable enough to handle heavyweight.

Bar Brothers The System Review – Can The 12 Week Program Produce Results? 7

One thing’s for sure; stunted growth is not any concern when using Calisthenics.

 There is no overload danger attached to callisthenics. Your body is not overloaded with weight.

The weight of your body tends to be the only weight you have to work out with. This makes it safer and balanced.

For the fact that it works out the entire body other than regular weightlifting makes it a more preferred option.

I could go on the whole day about why calisthenics is better, but thankfully, more experienced and competent people such as Elliot Hulse have done it before me.

Just hear what ‘Yo Elliott’ has to tell on calisthenics and body-weight training.

Everyone Knows that Navy Seals are Lean and Mean.

How they get, that way has been a Bit of a Secret, until Now.

Take my Free book and train Your Muscles to failure is about as badass you can get.

Ready for the kind of workout?

Bar Brothers The System Review – Can The 12 Week Program Produce Results? 9

How The Bar Brothers Started?

Dusan, who happens to be one of the founders of the Bar Brothers once said that there was a curial point in his life when he couldn’t figure out what his purpose in life is. It was as if he wasn’t living up to it. Someday he was told about Lazar by one of his friends at school.

When he met Lazar, he was amazed, judging by how aesthetic and ripped Lazar’s physique was. He basically believed that Lazar spends all his time at the gym, building muscles, and working out to gain more strength.

So when they got along, Lazar started to make use of the combination of calisthenics exercises, which he created on his own just to teach Dusan how he can build the same body as his.

It really wasn’t an easy task for Dusan, but he was persistent and kept the goals firmly.

After constant practice and active workout, Dusan began to notice different changes in his physical appearance.

Bar Brothers The System Review – Can The 12 Week Program Produce Results? 11
Lazar Novovic

His performance increased within a short period. And he felt great about it. So many people around him noticed those changes too.

This brought about a deep and meaningful relationship between Dusan and Lazar. They were far more than a workout buddy. Then, they decided to create something meaningful out of this wonderful discovery. The rest became history, and the name “The Bar Brothers – The System” came into the picture.

This movement began to grow even beyond their wildest imagination. The Bar Brothers were first launched on YouTube. They upload a series of videos to show people how they can do the same thing each day to build up their body naturally.

It got to a point when a friend willingly offered to help them set up a website where they could put up all their strategies for others to access in a single place. 

That is how the website came into the picture. Today, they have over 65,000 members from every part of the world registered with one common Interest of building their body while practicing with the Bar Brothers.

Bar Brothers The System Review – Can The 12 Week Program Produce Results? 13
The Bar Bros conquering Times Square New-York

The Bar Brothers now have numerous fans on all social media platforms with 660,000 subscribers on YouTube, about 415,000 followers on Instagram, and almost 2 million Facebook followers. Isn’t that amazing? Well, it is.

The main reason why the duo became this popular is not just because they were able to build good muscles. Rather, it is because all their videos and ideas were helpful to their subscribers.

Bar Brothers The System Review – Can The 12 Week Program Produce Results? 15
The Army - build by The Bar Brothers

The Bar Brothers got nearly 2 Mio Facebook Fans

Below are some Facebook comments  of what others have to say about the Bar Brothers.

Real Transformation on Real People

Bar Brothers The System Real Transformation

Who Is The System For?

The program is suitable for almost everybody. 

It is a great option for beginners and calisthenics users at an advanced level.

Beginners tend to get the most desirable, and best of all, the system has to offer; the system can still do a lot for people who are currently using calisthenics in their training.

The Bar Brothers program will teach you how to correct the most common mistakes which 90% of calisthenics users always make out of ignorance.

Some of the mistakes could occur when most people try to do some complex movements like; headstand push-ups, full planches, flags, and muscle-ups, then they end up messing up the whole thing.

How to do a muscle up right The bar Brother system
The Wrong Way To Do Muscle Ups

The Bar Brother program teaches how you can do this movement in the right way. While teaching you how to get these things right, they bring down everything to the level that you can easily understand.

They will teach you how to focus while doing the exercise and then educate you properly on things that you need to avoid so that you don’t end up causing injuries to yourself.

However, if you have been using calisthenics, but didn’t get the desired result, you don’t have to worry because the system will be able to help you fix things up and get you to the next level.

Bar Enthusiasts

The system can be interesting for people who love traveling using the bar or enjoy freestyle movement and the creativity that the bar offers.

If you’re concerned about working out most naturally from anywhere that you are (either at the gym, home, street, park), or you’re interested in parkour and street workouts, then this program is designed in your best interest.

People who are sick and tired of the same old ways of losing weight by going to the gym for a weight loss routine can as well try it out.

The system is considered the best ready for them to start up another to spice up their training to bring back the fun /thrill that is missing in their daily workout activities.

Bar Brothers The System Review – Can The 12 Week Program Produce Results? 21
Flying Dusan

Basketball Players and Sports Athletes

This program is a popular one amongst basketball players as they see it as an alternative to losing weight. The system is great for any kind of sports activity you can ever think of.

Basketball is one of the toughest physical games that make Bar Brothers – The System a program that every basketball athlete would be interested in.

Basketball is a fast-paced and high demanding game in which things may get very rough on either side of the court, especially when you are closer to the basketball. People who have played competitive basketball will be able to understand what I’m talking about.

This is a situation where you have to deal with different people pushing you just to achieve one thing, which is to get you out of their way.

Bar Brothers The System Review – Can The 12 Week Program Produce Results? 23
Sports is not always pretty, so you gotta have a strong core

This is one of the reasons why professional basketball trainers tend to be obsessed with core strength each time they are working with any of their athletes. This is because you need core strength to resist and stand your ground, and also have the ability to push back when you are pushed during a basketball game.

This is the reason why as a basketball player, you need to follow a program that will not only help in building your muscle but also works on your core to help you develop functional and active strength.

The system does an excellent job of building your overall structural integrity all through your joints.

The program will increase your overall athletic performance and gives you complete ability and resistance, including tips to avoid injuries.

Things You Get When Buying the System

This is a hint on some of the things you are going to expect inside the Bar Brothers – The System package.

You’ll get a 12 weeks online-based video program with step-by-step instructions, which covers the area of workout for each day, including all the mistakes you need to avoid and how you can avoid them.

All videos are in an organized form, which makes it easy for you to access and sort them out accordingly.

A short motivational video is given to you every week to help boost you psychologically, which will carry you along for the rest of the week.

Each video that you get is very short, lasting for about 2 to 3 minutes, which makes it easier for people to digest. All the same, all videos covers everything that you need to know for every week of the program

A step-by-step exercise for each week is included in each of the 12 weeks of the program. When you have detailed instructions on what and what not to do, then you have no reason to do things in the wrong way.

As far as you have an internet connection, you can easily gain access to these videos from any part of the world.

The Bar Brothers included active live support on Facebook. Where you can also post your questions or any challenge that you’re facing, and you will immediately get answers to your questions from Lazar or Dusan. Even from any other person right in the community.

While undergoing the training, you will be taught how you can track your progress right from the beginning of the program and down to the end of the program. This will help you keep track of all the changes that you experience while undergoing this program.

How Effective Can The 12 Weeks Program Be?

If you are opting for this program, it’s recommended that you take a ‘before and after photo’ of yourself. This will help you to keep track of all the progress you are making while undergoing the program. Just as many other participants of the program have been doing each time they join.

Bar Brothers The System Review – Can The 12 Week Program Produce Results? 25
Dusan Before and Now
Bar Brothers The System Review – Can The 12 Week Program Produce Results? 27
Chris Nielsen from Bar Brothers Denmark

On the Bar Brothers social media platforms, there are testimonial videos of active members and previous users who talked about how this program was able to help them. You can simply check out these videos and confirm the amazing transformation.

Could these transformation videos on the Bar Brothers social media platforms and YouTube channel be real or fake?

Well, I think you need to answer that question by yourself after going through all the program processes, and after a deep understanding of all the progress made by previous users.

Also, by going through the videos over and over again, going through the comment sections to figure out what their users think or feel about them, then you should be able to figure it out by yourself if it’s real or fake.

Before And After Result

There is a story of a 38-year old man who was once a drug addict. The Bar Brothers brought transformation to his life and ended up saving his life.

The program was able to completely change him into a different man, not only bringing visible transformation to his entire body.

This real amazing life-changing transformation story proves that you can always change your situation no matter how bad things may get with you.

PROS, What I Liked About the Program

The program is suitable for both athletes at the beginner’s level and those who are already in the advanced stage.

You only need some pull-up and parallel bars which could be found mostly at the parks. You don’t have to buy further equipment, nor do you have reasons to go to the gym.

While significantly losing fats, with a lower risk of securing injuries, you stand to gain mass and strength development.

It is quite affordable. For just $47, you’ll be giving lifetime access, which comes with the calisthenics program, which is indeed a great value. It also features a 30-day full money-back guarantee.

Everything you need to know is explained comprehensively from the beginning of the workout to the end. The videos are explained with step-by-step instructions, including daily workout sheets.

The program is an ideal workout solution for every basketball player and other competitive athletes. They are looking for a way to develop a balanced muscle and gain more strength most naturally.

There is an additional training program for people in the advanced stage, which is totally optional.

You get access to the weekly motivational program where you learn how to implement everything you learn in this program to achieve your workout set goals.

There is a 24/7 support system from the Bar Brothers. This way, you have the opportunity of a one-on-one discussion of all the problems you’re facing with the support team.

CONS, What I Didn’t Like

It is not a problem to be taken lightly. You must stick to the program to achieve your desired results.

All the video tutorials are only available online. You cannot download them, which implies that you need to have a lot of data to access them; preferably, it is recommended you watch them over Wi-Fi networks.

They do not provide enough information on nutrition. You will need to purchase a separate diet plan after the first month. This is because they will have to teach you just how to make one homemade protein shake and an energy shake for 12 weeks.

You are expected to put in extra effort by dedicating at least 1 hour every 6 out of the 7 days of the week for 12 weeks, which the program is scheduled to last for.

How Much Does It Cost?

Normally, the Bar Brothers program has a fixed price of $97. However, the price has been reduced to $47, which is believed to be a promo price as the price may go higher.

Bar Brothers The System Review – Can The 12 Week Program Produce Results? 29

This is an opportunity to secure lifetime access to Dusan and Lazar’s best secret, which took them so many years of total commitment to perfect.

However, if it’s as if the program doesn’t work for you, then you need not forget that a 100% money-back guarantee covers you.

If you’re interested in learning some other more progressive techniques, then there are some other programs designed for you, which you can access after getting the basic training.

The Bar Brothers nutrition program is a special nutrition-based diet plan which comes with so much information on nutrition for the basic program.

Final Words

Whenever I consider about examining out a program to help me develop my game, I continuously do my research plus spend some time evaluating whether or not that is something I should invest into.

Most from the reviews I got across at The System, praised it.

But I also noticed to myself that transformation and ability that the program gave me.
Being someone who has completed the program plus has gone through the grind, I feel that here is a high-quality program that can support you reach your goals of becoming the strongest version about yourself and create a severe physique.

Bar Brothers The System Review – Can The 12 Week Program Produce Results? 31
Salut! of the founders

And today, I’m so proud of my decision because I was able to achieve my goal of becoming the strongest version of myself. And of course, I built a really nice physique courtesy of this program.  I was able to gather a lot of strength and build more muscle. And yes! I got a mental boost too.

My overall confidence was improved. I was so determined to live my life at its peak.

 If you are looking for the best way to have a turnaround and bring changes to your life to become the best version of you, then I’ll always recommend this program for you. If you are truly willing to put in more effort and constant hard work, then the system is going to work for you beyond your imagination.

Where Can You Get The Bar Brothers – The System?

You can purchase a copy of Bar Brothers – The System

Bar Brothers The System Review – Can The 12 Week Program Produce Results? 33
Bar Brothers The System Review – Can The 12 Week Program Produce Results? 35

This is just an offer, so the price is expected to go up at any time.

Here’s the overall buying process:

Click on this link or the one above; you’ll be redirected to the page exactly like the one in the screenshot below:

Bar Brothers The System Review – Can The 12 Week Program Produce Results? 37

You can quickly watch the 10 minutes video on the page (it’s an overview of the program which is explained by Lazar and Dusan). After that, go ahead and click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

Proceed to the checkout page which will bring you to the page seen in the screenshot below:

Bar Brothers The System Review – Can The 12 Week Program Produce Results? 39

Input all the necessary details required fields’ completion of your order, then click on the ‘Pay Now’ button.

Standby and wait for your order to process. As soon as it’s successful, you’ll receive prompt access to the whole courses included in the program (This is an all-round digital process).

However, once you get access to the group on Facebook, you’re advised to start with the course immediately. Kindly download the PDF files and go through them accordingly.

Bar Brothers Salute!

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