About Me

Hey, I am David Rock.

I believe in the idea that ‘Passion is like few molecules of water and only thirsty people can avail it.’

From a very early age, I have been taking Basketball to the next level and have a passion for supporting other Basketball addicted. My Blog Athleticsight will be a rich source of tips and tricks.  

About 1

From an early age, I learned about how to interchange my hobby and my passion, and here I am today: a basketball enthusiast and a fitness addict. 

I strive to change and become better and produce fantastic basketball geeks. I am also a fitness coach.

I am serving as a fitness nutritionist in a well-known sports lab as my day job. Basketball and dunking have always been my thing. 

As a keen learner, I have had many people surrounded by. Who left me up with an amazing impact on my life and shape a person I am today.

As an influencer and part-time coach, I am to provide my players that winning is not be everything. But their participation is a must. 

I like dedicating the largest division of my life to Basketball. And support my players with the right training to learn a dunk successfully.

To be able to dunk on a 12 foot-hoop for the first time can be someone’s forever memory to hold. 

As a basketball player, everybody can learn to dunk if he has a full grip on his vertical jumping tactics and is ready in his mindset to do so.

Basketball players in their offseason time should improve their skills. 

This way, my blog at Athletics.com would be of great help to the beginners. 

I am also a fitness and nutritionist coach, and in the sideway, I look forward to helping people. 

I love to coach and provide people a platform where their skills get nurtured. and game quality is improved

…Keep grinding

David Rock