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Great Instruction Videos Easy Website Navigation. Easy to understand and follow the training instruction.


No Details missing. All exercises in Full HD. Website itself is well-laid out with a slick look. Every detail from the number of sets & repetitions to the amount of rest is well detailed covered. No guesswork!


I managed to gain 10 inches (25 cm). FINALLY, achieve my goal of dunking. Invest 8 weeks in the training. Dunking is the main goal for the vast majority of people using Vert Shock. But the program will significantly boost your ability on the court too.


It is right now the best-selling vertical jump program on the market. Comes with 60-day money back guarantee. Has Paid optional extras.

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Vert Shock is a unique vertical jump training program designed by two professional player, Adam Folker, and topmost Dunker, Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington.

The program uses a different way to traditional vertical leap training. It uses the principle of high-intensity advanced plyometrics solely to produce MAXIMUM gains in the fastest amount of time.

Surprisingly, this method was found to be extremely useful, with thousands of athletes reaching gains of anywhere between 8-15 inches (20-38cm) after finishing the 8-week program.

If you’re looking to build your vertical in the quickest way possible, Vert Shock is one of the best techniques to do that. Great for Kids as well because of no heavy weight training necessary. More Kids info here.


Vert Shock Review 2021: Is This Program Right For You. 1

Table of Contents

Detailed Review of Vert Shock Results

Something I get each time I open my inbox is messages from people asking me bellow question:

“I’m X age, Y size, hoping to build my vertical FAST. Is it reachable to dunk by Z time?”*

And for some time, my simple answer was:

“It’s tough, and it’ll need more time as you think.”

But lately, a new program named Vert Shock has claimed this notion.

They’re proposing a quick, 8-week plan through where they claim you could add 9-15 inches on your vertical.

Take a peek…

Sound practically too good to be true, correct?

Just as much as I desired to try this program, I just didn’t have the time… my agenda was way too full (work, family, and so on.).

Accordingly, I decided the most beneficial thing to do would be to bring you, my Cousin, Tilek here, who’s worked the program out by himself and tested it thoroughly from A to Z.

Tileks jumping used to be pretty weak, and he jumped off one program to another for several years before falling on Vert Shock.

For him, Vert Shock is a game-changer and the stuff that backed him several to up his game.

Spoiler Alert!! See This to Understand The Outcomes:

Achieving their vertical jump is what’s made athletes like Lebron and Jordan to Champs, supporting them to gain a lot of respect for themselves and create their legacy.

In basketball, the capability to jump high is a must need requirement for only about anything – whether it’s going for a layup, a shot, blocking grabbing a rebound, and last but not least – Dunking.

For myself, it used to be that my vertical was my Achilles heel – my most significant weak point on the court – and it was ruining my game!

My vertical was so stiff that I just didn’t believe there was much I could do on it.

I said to myself… “it’s simply not in my genes to jump high”… I acknowledge… the “white men can’t jump” cliche…

And so, I decided to focus on other sections of my game and gave up my hope of dunking all-together.

I assumed that fascinating people with my three-pointers and hit ratios would be sufficient to draw attention away from myself, sucking at jumping.


However, it didn’t take long for me to understand that my game required me to be well-rounded and that I should be able to play more ways.

Undoubtedly, every good player has his strengths and skills, but there’s something to be said for understanding the fundamentals.

Apparently, I might not be able to throw the ball like Blake Griffin; nevertheless, I wanted a turn when performing under the rim.

Accordingly, I set out to find a solution. 

I found out of Vert Shock and began using its principals.

Vert Shock Review 2021: Is This Program Right For You. 3

Oh boy, I pretty much sucked 

What is Vert Shock?

Vert Shock is an innovative vertical jump training method developed by Adam Folker and Justin’ Jus Fly’ Darlington

It is a 3-phase step-by-step program that was made, especially to help athletes boost their vertical jump and become more explosive.

Vert Shock Review 2021: Is This Program Right For You. 5

The program promises to boost your vertical by 9-15 inches (22-38cm) within just eight weeks and have you dunking in no-time.

It’s a pretty strong statement, and if you know me, you are aware I don’t believe in fairy stories or magic solutions.

Nevertheless, I was interested in trying this program because the guys who designed it – Adam Folker and Justin’ Jus Fly’are notable legit and reputable, and their name is connected to this program. 

They would not waste their time or jeopardize their name with a scammy low-quality product.

On top, the program had rave reviews throughout I looked, and it appeared to be going for so many people with a lower vertical as mine.

So I imagined to myself – if others can do it, so could I.

Adam Folker

Adam Folker is the central guy behind Vert Shock.

Already in high-school, Adam earned a name for himself when he was select as one of the Top 5 high-school basketball pros in Canada.

After all, he was playing  Division-I basketball in the NCAA for UC Irvine and playing professional basketball abroad.


Vert Shock Review 2021: Is This Program Right For You. 7

Adam Folker & Kobe Bryant

However, Adam wasn’t always a great athlete. 

He confessed that in his initial years, he could hardly touch the rim (a lot like me), and was nothing exceptional as an athlete.

That is quite a comment for someone who played Center at UC Irvine, one of the greatest basketball franchises in the NCAA, and has exercised among NBA players.

So when I learned about him and his Folker System program, I knew anything he’d have to say about jumping would at most be useful for me.

Justin' Jus Fly' Darlington

Do I need to introduce this guy?

’cause seriously… if you don’t recognize who Jus Fly is and you’re a furious jumper, you’ve been living beneath a rock or something.

Justin Darlington, aka “Jus Fly” is an example of the world’s GREATEST dunkers.

It’s calculated that his max vertical is 53 inches (think to be able to jump even anywhere next to that…)

Vert Shock Jus Fly Justin Darlington

Jus Fly a.k.a Justin Darlington

And he has used those 50+ inches of hang time to create a name for himself by showcasing his skill all across the world.

He’s got some of the most crucial dunk competitions in the world, including the Nike Dunk Contest with Lebron and Anthony Davis.

This guy is so great that a few teams in the NBA hired him to come in and instruct their athletes.

A great example would be DeMar DeRozan from the Raptors (now Spurs), who was trained for the NBA Dunk Contest by no less as Jus Fly himself (see above).

So you see, the guy clearly knows what he’s doing, and he’s a fabulous mentor to have teaching you on how to progress in the best way possible.

How You Add 4 inches to Your Vertical Below an Hour

Across the years, Jus Fly has generated some really different strategies and techniques that have helped him develop his vertical up to 53 inches and found himself as one of the best dunkers on the planet.

He played a considerable role in the creating of this program due to his vast amount of experience and knowledge.

You need to be ready to write notes because Just Fly reveals a lot of his secret knowledge inside Vert Shock.

Don’t be shocked if you have to go over what he says more than once to take the ideas fully. It happened to me, and I’m thankful for it.

How Does Vert Shock works?

Vert Shock works by doing very specific high-impact, high-intensity workouts that target your nervous system, especially the nerves inside your legs.

It utilizes superior plyometrics and exercises that concentrate strategically on Type-2 Fibers – the fast-twitch muscle fiber.

The idea behind this program is simple – The quicker your muscles will fire, the more major force you’ll be able to generate, and the more powerful your jump will be.

Here is a video that illustrates in more detail how the system works:

The 3 Phases of the Program

Vert Shock is designed as an 8-week exercise program and is split down into three different stages: Pre-ShockShock, and Post-Shock.

Let’s divide individual of them down one by one.

1. Vert shock pre shock phase

That’s the first part of the program… it serves only one week, and it’s meant to get your body up and set for the central part of the training, the Shock Phase.

It’s generally a pre-conditioning stage where you ‘warm-up’ your body and prepares it for the “beating” it’s going take.

Vert Shock pre shock phase

The Pre-Shock Phase Pro (I had to blur the Sets & Reps because copyright issues)

Already in this part, I reached 2 inches and could feel the improvement.

I’ve seen even people who reached 5 inches during the pre shock phase, but these are rare examples, to be honest.

Typically, most guys get about 1-3 inches throughout this week.

On to the second phase…

2. Shock Stage

Coming up next called Shock Phase.

This is where the actual action starts… it’s where the “shocking” of your muscles going to takes place… and it’s also wherever I made most of my improvement.

The Shock Phase continues for six full weeks, and it’s in this period where your body is continuously put under tension, and your muscles are stimulated continuously to behave differently.

The aim here is to get your muscles to respond super-fast and build that lightning-quick reflex that drives you above the rim.

The Vert Shock Login members area – all the phases and exercises are quite simple to understand and easy to follow.

This part was generally pretty easy…

…but as I made progression through the program, it got tougher and harder to the limit my muscles were often sore from all the exercise, and I was competing for fatigue to get to the end.

Nevertheless, it was very much worth it…

I expanded 7 inches from it!!!

And it’s in this step where I got my first dunk

Vert Shock Review 2021: Is This Program Right For You. 11

YEAHhhhhhhhh… !!!

3. Post Shock

Ultimately, there’s the Post-Shock state, what is the last week of the program.

Here is where you seal off your lately obtained gains and get your muscles accustomed to the quick neurological response.

I hardly got anything within this week, but it didn’t worry me at all.

I was glad to finally slow it down and let myself take it easy after six continuous weeks of hardcore exercise.

My Results with Vert Shock

Generally, I can’t be more satisfied with the results I’ve gotten from Vert Shock

I succeeded in gaining 10 inches and finally, FINALLY, reach my goal of dunking.

Dunk a Basketball

For me, that’s definitely INSANE.

Nothing I tried in the past has gone for me so well. NOTHING.

Even David, who ultimately took the chance to try Vert Shock himself, has now become to agree with me that it’s undoubtedly one of the BEST vertical jump programs right now.

In my personal opinion, nothing gets near to it in terms of effectiveness & value-for-money… It’s definitely the cure I had been waiting for all that time.

And now, after almost two months down the road, I can ultimately say that I no longer have to rely solely on my jump-shot.

My play has changed… it is a lot more rounded now… and people are beginning to take notice.

Opponents that once believed they had me all figured out instantly don’t know what to do about me. They can’t seem to manage the fact that I’m blocking their shots and taking all their rebounds.

I’ve achieved to overcome my GREATEST deficiency in the game, and it’s all from making this 8-week program.

How would that transform your play if you could say the same two months from now?

Now I don’t want to seem like I’m bragging… I understand I’m far from being inducted into the hall of fame, but I’m thrilled that I ultimately found something that works.

Here we go.. my results with the program after just three months:

How You Add 4 inches to Your Vertical Below an Hour

NOTICE: Update Vert Shock Review

I gained 5.5 more extra inches after completing Vert Shock the SECOND time.

After witnessing such a massive success with Vert Shock the first time, I asked myself:

What would happen if I do this training again?

So I took two weeks off to get myself some time to rest and restarted the whole program direct from the beginning.

Vert Shock Review 2021: Is This Program Right For You. 13

I had gone through the whole eight weeks just as before and did everything EXACTLY the same way.

The only thing I adjusted was combining the Jump Like Justin Workout, which supports me go harder and more extreme with the workouts.

Other than that, it was all pretty much the same.

And how did I do?

After completing the 8-week sequence for the second time, I only gained 5.5 inches more.

In the beginning, I was not so thrilled about it… after all, I’ve always been very serious about reaching the strongest, baddest, highest jumping role of myself.

Though I then looked at the larger picture and REALIZED – I ended with a 40.7″ vertical.

That, my friends, is the outcome of hard work, being committed, and MOST OF ALL, a program that definitely WORKS!

Here’s a graph showing my growth each week as I worked through the program. I’ve updated the chart to add the second time too.

Jump Graph Vert Shock Program

My Vertical Jump height on weekly base

Pretty good, huh?!

That is what you get when you train tough, and you train the correct way.

PRos, What I Like About The Program

  • No weight-lifting, no equipment required, and no gym  – All is based on body weight and plyometric exercises that are proven to perform for boosting your vertical leap so you can do this from the convenience of your home in any accessible space you have.
  • Safe for teenagers – Will NOT affect your growth! You can rest reassured that you will still develop to your full genetic potential while advancing; you’re vertical significantly.
  • Evades down training time – The program is extremely efficient in producing quick results by laser-targeting your fast-twitch muscle fibers.
  • Simple to understand and execute – instructions are straightforward to follow, and there’s support for every step of the journey.
  • Keeps you safe from injuries & overtraining – VERY IMPORTANT once you begin jumping high!
  • It can be accessed from everywhere and on any device.
  • Provides continuous support – Adam himself answers all of your questions and offers individual help and guidance. There are weekly email check-ins to make sure you keep motivated and that you continue pushing ahead towards your goal.
  • Has a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee – The program GUARANTEE your achievement with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you’re troubled with the program, you can get ALL of your cash back. It doesn’t get any safer than that.

Cons, What I didn't Like

  • Needs internet connection – the program is only available through the net, so you need to either have a WiFi/data-connection or go into the materials at home before you go for your workout. The exercise sheets and the printable materials, despite, can be downloaded to your phone/computer.
  • On some browsers, the videos did not load or load a bit slow. Changing to another browser appears to have solved the issue for me.
  • Very fatiguing for the legs, mainly towards the end of the Shock Phase, what is where the best results happen.
  • A Lot of cross-promotion on the website to other products.
  • There are not a lot of details and knowledge about the science of vertical jumping.  In case you’re interested to learn the know-how of jumping and dive intense into the scientific research, you’ll need to do this on your own, as the program doesn’t explain enough of the physics behind its training. But, I can guess that people are more engaged in practical, preferably than the theory.

Will Vert Shock Work for You?

There’s just one main reason why Vert Shock could not work for you…and that’s the fact that it’s not any sort of a magic cure.

While some may pursue their goal of a higher vertical by going for special shoes and gimmicks, the fact is, being capable of jumping high is something that needs a lot of training and discipline.

Vert Shock is a program that needs you to be fully engaged for eight weeks.


Vert Shock Review 2021: Is This Program Right For You. 15

If you want to see results… there’s clearly no other way. You have to obey the guidance as-is, and you CAN’T slack off.

Nevertheless, if you do everything as it states and honestly put your whole self into it, the pay off is just priceless, and you’re guaranteed to get the crown.

How You Add 4 inches to Your Vertical Below an Hour

Vert Shock Complex Training Routines

Vert Shock was explicitly designed to be a program that does not require you to have any equipment or to have to go to the gym.


It’s based around entirely on the principals of plyometrics and developing the link between your central nervous system and your muscles’ motor units… so there’s barely any weight-lifting involved.

Basically, what the program does is it forces you to utilize better the strength you already have, rather than trying to gain new strength.

This is what does Vert Shock so unique and makes it stand out from all the other jump programs (BoingVert Animal does this as well, although considerably less effectively).

No lifting needed

On the one hand, it’s excellent because… many people don’t have access to a gym or don’t want to begin lifting weights… so to them, Vert Shock is a perfect choice.

But on the opposite, some people ARE looking to include weight-lifting in their routine.

The Complex Training Routines is a single seperate module set included of weight-lifting exercises for your prime moves.

They realize the potential it has on raising their vertical, and they want to extract every little inch from their training as possible.

Vert Shock Review 2021: Is This Program Right For You. 17

Vert Shock Complex Training Routines – A special module for increasing your strength.

For them, Adam has designed the Complex Training Routines.

Those are your quads and posterior-chain muscles (lower back, glutes, hamstrings, and calves).

One important thing to note, this is not the average standard weight-training that you see everyone else is doing at the gym.

These are definite jump oriented workouts, and there’s a purpose why they’re called complex.

They’re built more like super-sets combined in with plyometrics to ensure that every ounce of muscle you add gets automatically transformed into explosive strength.


The Complex Training Routines are only two workouts a week, and they take around 45 min to complete.

My suggestion would be this…

If you have the possibility to access to a gym and you have the chance to do it, unquestionably include these workouts in your routine.

Remember: Strength exercise is a big part of being ready to jump high, and it’s something that was proven time and time again to raise the jumping height.

Vert Shock Complex Training Routines

Jump like Justin

Edit: I had to add a section of this workout because so many people were asking me about it… and considering the results it delivered me, it’s well deserved to be mentioned here.

The Jump Like Justin Workout module is something I missed out on when doing Vert Shock for the first time.

As you all know, I did the program twice.

But in the second time, I did something different.

I combined the program with the Jump Like Justin Workout.

What impact did that on my vertical?

Simply… I got more inches.

Justin’s workout is what’s accountable for me, adding an additional 5.5 inches to my vertical throughout the second time of doing Vert Shock.

This workout is all about technique and reducing mistakes.

It helps you complete your form to a level of topmost performance athletes like Westbrook and Lebron.

The greatest thing is, this workout combines perfect with Vert Shock…

It only takes round about 10-20 minutes, and it helps you get the max out of each session.

I felt that each time I did Justin’s workout, it served me get to the improvement zone faster and easier.

Vert Shock Review 2021: Is This Program Right For You. 21

Vert Shock & Jump Like Justin = More Inches

My only regret is that I didn’t see this addon the first time… it would have spared me a lot of time and possibly the need for re-doing the program.

Hence, if you’re going to do Vert Shock, I surely recommend that you combine it with the Jump Like Justin workout.

You will get serious quicker results with it due to its highly synergistic impact with the program.

I paid 25 USD for the Jump Like Justin module set back in the day, but nowadays, anyone who sign up with the program is getting it for FREE.

Sweet, eh?!

Vert Shock Review 2021: Is This Program Right For You. 23

Free PDF Download (eBook)

over at Thincpro have decided to offer out a FREE Vert Shock pdf eBook with some excellent techniques to increase your vertical.

This FREE pdf includes 4 Pro Hacks used by NBA & NFL players, and it will assist you to go out there TODAY and increase up to 4 inches on your vertical without spending a cent.

In the past, they sold this guide for $17, but now they’re offering it for free.

I’m not sure how long they will keep giving this away, but hey… as long as it’s up there and they have not taken it down, you might go and grab it.

Is Vert shock save for kids?

A powerful jump training program needs jump training variables such as specificity and progressive overload, ideally while incorporating adequate rest intervals to avoid over-training. 

Jump training variables should be prescribed on a continuum that initially develops stability and strength. As I mentioned in other Articles, the program will further unfold to develop of reactiveness and explosive power.

The leading jump program Vert Shock Include this proven exercise continuum very effectively.

You can get excellent results in vertical gains.

The “secret” to this program is the application of concurrent resistance and plyometric exercise. More at the Vert Shock Parents page.

But, HEAVY strength exercise is NOT advised for athletes under 14 years old as their joints and bones may be more easily to damage through intense resistance training. Anyway, athletes under 14 years old can start to incorporate a range of safe and effective jump specific workouts that will prepare their body for the extra intense vertical jump training to come in their late teens. 

Vert shock for kids

Summary Vert shock review

When it gets down to it, if you definitely want to jump higher, Vert Shock is one of the BEST programs I’ve come across to reach the goal.

Whether you’re just starting out or around in-between…

Whether you’re a high-level athlete or someone who likes to play hoops in his driveway…

This system can help you jump higher and become explosive!

As you can notice from my results, Vert Shock has taken my game to the next level, and I’m pretty certain it can do the same for YOU.

So if you’re still trying to increase your vertical and so far all your efforts came up short, my suggestion is this…

Put Vert Shock to the test and at least give it a try.

You will be amazed at how fast you can convert in a good jumper when training the correct way, and you’ll definitely  be on your way to making that dream of dunking into a reality.


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