Highest vertical Jump record

Who Holds The Highest Vertical Jump World Record?

Jumping the highest is different from an Olympic event such as a 100-meter race.

No world competition can pit the best high jumpers against one another.

Since there is no official record from the federations of sports or committees’, the only option left is to find a ballpark figure by looking at National Basketball Association (NBA) draft and National Football League (NFL) Combine.

Furthermore, the majority of the world’s top known athletes are included here.

Below is a comparison of three records including running jump that has a run-up, platform jump and standing still vertical jump.

1. Standing Vertical Jump: 38″ (NBA) and 46″ (NFL)

The NFL and NBA use this jump statistic.

Who Holds The Highest Vertical Jump World Record? 1

If you are considering developing your jump, you should measure this statistic to track progress.

This is something that can be done even from home.

For a better explanation, this is where someone stands on a spot, reach the highest he/she can and then compare the figure to the one reached while standing.   

Bryon Jones is considered as the best jumper according to the history of NFL combine due to his147″ broad jump but not because of his vertical jump.

The following are the 44.5″ standing vertical’s record shown by Bryon Jones in the NFL Combine of the year 2015.

Records of the highest vertical jump NFL Combine

  • All-time 46.0 inches-Sensabaugh Gerald in 2005
  • Recent 45.0 inches-Washington in 2009, C. Conley in 2015

Record of the highest vertical jump NBA draft

  • All-time: 38.0 inches: -J. Anderson in 2015, Dwayne Mitchell in 2012
  • Recent: 37.5 inches – D. Jackson in 2016, J. Bolomboy in 2016

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Why NFL Athletes Jump Higher

Is it surprising to hear that dunking and basketball are for the crazy hops?

Then the concern is: why do NFL Combine players jump 8″ higher compared to the NBA participants?

The following two reasons answer the above question:

  • Basketball athletes do not require jumping that high

 The rim has always remained to be 10 ft high. With 33″ to 34″ standing vert, you are likely to dunk six ft tall from standing still.

A lot of dunks have runups. This means that you can also jump higher.

Besides, many players in the NBA are tall; hence do not gain much from an incredible jump.

  • Football athletes have trained for explosiveness

Basketball players withstand the four quarters of the twelve-minutes in intensive playing.

Therefore, they must receive training for them to be able to endure.

The contrast is that Football players burst into explosive activities.

Explosive activities such as vert jump, twenty-yard shuttle, and forty-yard dash are vital for NFL players.

Training programs such as vert shocks intends to make the best of the athlete’s vertical by exercising the muscle fibres.

Training programs such as Vert Shocks intends to make the best of the athlete’s vertical by exercising the muscle fibres.

2. Running Vertical Jump - 44.5 inches (NBA) and 50+ inches (NFL)

Who Holds The Highest Vertical Jump World Record? 3Just as the standing jump is an important measure of total explosiveness, running jump too is crucial to a football game or basketball game.

A running jump comprises of a run-up before the jump.

This helps in adding energy that, in return, enables a player to make a great leap.

This means that your jumping technique depends on the energy you add to your jump.

However, the NFL Combine doesn’t determine the running vert.

It is, therefore, to say that there is the likelihood of getting more impressive results from the NFL than that of the NBA draft.

This is because their greatest standing leap is far much better compared to the greatest running leap of the NBA draft.


Records of the NBA Draft

All-time-44.5 inches – K. Gregory (2001)

Most recent- 44.0 inches – P. Connaughton (2015)

It is good to note that a run-up is restricted to several steps. The athletes can jump higher while playing a semi court run-up that is similar to the dunks you normally see on television.

Who Holds The Highest Vertical Jump World Record? 5

The technique of a runup creates a big difference in how you expand from it.

Here we go… a video revealing the running (aka Max) vertical leap test:


When you think of the NBA combine, you will note that most of the athletes playing vert are basically from 4 inches to 9 inches higher compared to the player standing vert.

Most of the best NFL athletes have a standing vertical of 46 inches.

3. Platform Vertical Jump- 63.5 inches (Evan Ungar)

When running this jump, an athlete jumps while on a standing point.

The player spread his or her hands high in the air to make the best of the distance from the surface and his feet.

The cause of this figure remaining higher compared to any running or standing vertical jump is since you tucked your legs in the jump.

In 2016, a Canadian, Evan Ungar entered the Guinness book of World Record as the highest vertical jump player with 63.5 inches.

He surpassed Justin Bethel, who previously had set the highest record of 60 inches.

Unofficial Records

The records that appear in the Guinness book must be verified. However, there are actual records that have been set, but unfortunately, they lack verification for them to appear in the world record.

Some of the highest unofficial records include that of Kevin Bania who cleared the jump with 65 inches. This guy has set an incredible record, and it is amazing to see how he performs in running and standing leaps.

Kadour Ziani

Ziani is a Slam Nation basketball player who is 5.11 feet tall. He has a jump of 60 inches.

This is the reason many people believe he has the highest jump globally.

But this is yet to be confirmed officially.

For this reason, giving the ‘official’ record and ‘unofficial’ record at 65 inches seems fairer.

Who Holds The Highest Vertical Jump World Record? 7


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The three kinds of vertical jumps that are normally tested are Platform, Running, and Standing.

It is not easy to know the record holder in the world for running and standing.

This is because this activity does not have official contests like Olympics that aid athletes to compete.

Many people believe that NBA players are the finest in the business.

But it is not so. The fact is NFL players can jump higher than them.

They can do this because their training is explosive.

Final Thoughts

We should not be concerned a lot about records and who holds them.

We can use the data available out there to know somewhat things that are humanly possible.

Running Vertical: When you focus on the NBA, it is clear that the running vet of a player range from 4 to 9 inches more than the players’ standing vert. Since the standing vertical of the finest NFL players is 54-46″, these players can attain about 50 to 52 inches in a run-up.

Standing vertical: NFL players are part of the people who are highly gifted genetically. But these players do not train entirely for vertical leaps.

This means that a standing vert that measures 47 to 48 inches cannot be termed as totally unrealistic.

Platform vertical jump: Some people who have been pretty serious with jumping have done 60-65″, which is closest to the theoretic limit.

Well, such heights are not likely to be seen by mere mortals.

But it is totally needless. You may have a pitiful running vert of 34 inches.

But that does not mean you can’t dunk at 6 feet.

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