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Honest Boingvert Review: What makes it NOT-SO-GREAT?

Every day, the same questions pop up in my inbox like

“Is Boingvert actually effective?” 

“Is this program legit?”

“Does it have any comparison with Vertshock?”

Today I will reveal the mystery of Boingvert program.

Can it really add up to 12+ inches in your vertical jump in 6 months only?

Kill your curiosity and know what it is all about!

What’s so Special in BoingVert?

BoingVert is a fascinating marvel of the vertical jump network.

There are many YouTube and online guys that guarantee to have had colossal accomplishment with the program, yet nobody has the idea of what the program is the reality about.

While other mainstream programs, for example, Vert Shock or The Jump Manual are truly straightforward about their major standards and have a lot of far-reaching reviews, there isn’t even remotely as a lot of information on BoingVert.

The program’s business page is minimal in excess of a couple of sentences and a few tributes… There’s nothing that will make you consider it a good program.

Besides, the business advertisements that sudden spike in demand for some b-ball recordings on YouTube makes enormous guarantees, yet give no information about what’s in store.

Honest Boingvert Review 2020: What makes it NOT-SO-GREAT? 1

The most strange vertical jump training program online.

All things considered, while the majority of the large fish in the vertical jump network depend on Vert Shock and The Jump Manual as the two programs that bring the best outcomes (you can discover my reviews of each of those here and here).

Seeing that there’s actually no reviews of the program online, I chose the best way to clear the riddle was to purchase the program myself and see what’s taken cover behind the shade.

For getting a total image of the program, I bought the Lifetime Package for $80 which contains the Animal and Monster programs alongside its rewards.

Honest Boingvert Review 2020: What makes it NOT-SO-GREAT? 3

The First Look

By entering into their site,  there’s to no data on the welcome page.

It comprises of only a couple of buttons to go into various areas and a short note at the base guiding you to initially do the Animal program and proceed onward to the Monster program.

As you begin investigating the site your eye promptly gets captured on the sheer number of activities that are accessible in both Animal and Monster programs.

There are actually heaps of various activities, all sorted by muscle groups and capacity.

The architects of BoingVert

Being behind the outlining and creation of BoingVert are two interesting personalities:

Shawn Myzska

The fundamental efforts behind BoingVert are of Shawn Myszka, a noticeable name in the vertical jump network.  

He gained extraordinary fame and is a master behind top competitors in Minnesota.

Honest Boingvert Review 2020: What makes it NOT-SO-GREAT? 5

Shawn Myzska

He’s been an NSCA confirmed quality and moulding master with unique excellence since 2003, just as the co-founder of Athletic Performance Director of Explosive Edge Athletics.

Shawn has been vigorously considered as an advisor and speaker for different games and athletic associations all over the nation, including the Minnesota Football Coaches Association, Division IIntercollegiate Athletic Programs and numerous others.

Kelly Baggett

The Monster Program was done as a team with Kelly Baggett, an affirmed mentor who has a great deal of involvement in quality training.

Baggett has major notoriety in the vertical jump network, being that he’s the maker of the well-known book ‘Vertical Jump Bible’.

Honest Boingvert Review 2020: What makes it NOT-SO-GREAT? 7

Kelly Bagget

While the Vertical Jump Bible may be somewhat obsolete by the present gauges, it despite everything is viewed as an extremely powerful book that made ready for a large number of the present vertical jump specialists.

What Boingvert is all about?

BoingVert is a vertical jump preparing program that vows to significantly expand your vertical jump by a blend of two jump programs – a plyometrics-just ‘Animal’ program, and a more quality arranged ‘Monster’ program.

The Animal Program endures around about four months, while the Monster Program is an extra 11 weeks.

You are likewise prescribed to take in any event 2-3 weeks off between the two programs so as to boost results and permit your body to completely recuperate

BoingVert Animal

Honest Boingvert Review 2020: What makes it NOT-SO-GREAT? 9

The Animal of the BoingVert program focuses solely around plyometrics and body-weight works out.

The main hardware you’ll require is a seat – you can do every one of the activities in a gym or even at home.

The main thing I did while experiencing the Animal program was perusing the Animal Philosophy manual… it’s a 32-page eBook that experiences the foundation of the program, key variables to jumping higher.

It involves the details that what the progrmam will offer to trainees. The eBook talks about a portion of the key parts of vertical jumping like landing, assimilation, focus quality and chill off.

It discusses a couple of different perspectives that are not as underlined in different programs… things like picking the correct footwear and the significance of training the surface.

Going through the “big picture” details in the eBook, you can jump right into the nuts and bolts of the program, which is the Animal Workout Log.

It lays out the stages of the program and describes the workouts for every single day of the whole 16 weeks.

Honest Boingvert Review 2020: What makes it NOT-SO-GREAT? 11

Animal Workout Log – Day 1 examination

Animal Program Stages

The Animal Program is comprised of six stages and each of them requires 2-3 weeks of time duration. Here are those stages:

1.      General Body Training

During this stage, you will do practices that will set up your body for the pressure it will suffer over the accompanying stages.

It revolves around improving strongness and skeletal quality with the goal that you can play out the compound activities securely.

2.      Jump Expertise

In this stage, you will find out about the right development designs that at last decide your jumping roof.

Your muscles will figure out how to be in finished cooperative energy with the goal that your whole body is moving in the direction of jumping higher.

3.      Power Absorption

In the third period of the Animal Program, the activities will concentrate on the capacity to ingest and quickly settle the colossal measures of power that jumping involves.

As per the program’s creator, figuring out how to ingest power is a key component of having the option to produce dangerousness.

Bpoingvert Jump Acceleration

4.      Jump Acceleration

The fourth stage will expand on the past stages that stressed dependability and power assimilation and will assist you with improving your jumping speeding up through expanded pace of power improvement in every one of your jumps.

5.      Receptive Emphasis

In the fifth stage, the program creates receptive quality, which is fundamentally your capacity to begin, stop, and alter course while jumping.

This stage is one of the most troublesome periods of the program and it’ll stretch your body as far as possible through extreme plyometric works out.

1.      Jump Mastery

The last stage will be somewhat like stage two and will spin around improving jumping method and effectiveness, helping you augment the additions that you accomplished in the earlier weeks, just as assist you with jumping and land securely to forestall wounds.

During these six stages, you ought to hope to get trained 2-4 times each week, contingent upon the stage you’re at.

The program is very overwhelming, as certain weeks requires exceedingly substantial training.

During Animal Program, don’t go for weight or gym, the force and number of reps make it practically impossible to follow, particularly during the season

In case you’re on the look for a program that wins a better balance between workload and results, you probaly be interested in checking out Vert Shock instead.

Nevertheless, the program is science-based and runs extremely deep in covering all the bases.

Furthermore, while The Jump Manual, another program I reviewed recently, is a lot more organized in the form it shows the Infos, which doesn’t lead away from the solid material shown in BoingVert.

BoingVert Monster

BoingVert Monster Review

The Monster Program was planned with Kelly Baggett.

It expands on the Animal Program by acquainting quality based training for amplifying your vertical.

It entails 4 stages which are required to be followed through 11 weeks.

1.      Adjustment and Activation

The main period of the Monster Program will set up your body for the thorough weight preparing that follows by step by step working your muscles and getting them used to new developments with weight opposition.

2.      General Strength

The subsequent stage begins to expand on some essential weight room practices and build up an establishment of solidarity which will be the premise of your next level vertical capacity gains.

3.      Max Strength and Power

In the third stage, when you have gotten settled with quality preparing works out, you will start consolidating quality developments with plyometric developments. A hard one, of course!

Honest Boingvert Review 2020: What makes it NOT-SO-GREAT? 13

4.      Max Power

The last period of the Monster Program is the place you can hope to see the most gains – the power and volume of the activities become lighter, and your body will start to exploit the expanded quality as you appreciate an enormous increment in your vertical.

All through the Monster Program, you will get trained three times each week, yet the force and focus of the activities will vary essentially in each stage.

BoingVert Pros

Complete Philosophy

When getting into the Animal Philosophy Manual, it turns out to be evident that Shawn Myszka is a genuine master – he moves toward vertical training from all edges and gives you the full image of what procedures will be utilized to expand your jumping capacity.

Addresses Unique Subjects 

BoingVert gives you bits of knowledge on jumping structure in a manner that is significantly more itemized.

It goes top to bottom into zones, for example, picking the correct footwear, what training surface works best, figuring out how to land and assimilate contact securely, chilling off appropriately, and so on.

High-Quality Videos

While the recordings must be gotten to through the part’s site each time, their quality is incredible, and they’re instructive.

Creator Has a Good Reputation

As referenced previously, Shawn Myszka is an eminent mentor and jump training master.

Yet, even without his amazing certifications, you quickly get the inclination this person hears what he’s saying just from the information he’s showing.

Can Be Done Without Weights (Some Exercises)

If you don’t need a program that utilizations loads, this is an incredible alternative – the whole Animal Program doesn’t require an exercise center and should be possible anyplace.

In any case, it takes four months, and the exercises are some of the time superfluously extraordinary, so in case you’re searching for a shorter and increasingly adjusted program, you should look at Vert Shock.

Many Exercises

The extra strength of the program is simply how well it reaches all the main phases of the vertical jump.

Dozens upon dozens of exercises are used to make sure your jump training is as precise as possible.

BoingVert Cons

Not Refined

Most likely the most concerning issue with BoingVert is that it simply doesn’t resemble a completed item, like an unfinished Product.Honest Boingvert Review 2020: What makes it NOT-SO-GREAT? 15

There’s a great deal of brilliant data, and the program itself follows unshakeable standards, yet it appears that everything is dissipated and there’s basically an excess of going on.

The way that the program utilizes such a large number of activities implies that the creator has not yet refined it into a cleaned jump training procedure.

The Animal and Monster Programs Don’t Work Together

Another way BoingVert misses the mark is the way that the Animal and Monster Programs nearly appear two irrelevant items.

You need to do them independently, and they don’t interface in any capacity.

Somehow, it reminded me of Jordan Kilganon Bounce Kit with views to the workload and time-efficiency features where the workouts are too long and need to be fine-tuned in order to get the most from it.

And while you take on great things from both, if BoingVert would be more refined and was able to connect the two parts, it might not need the vast 30 weeks total to complete.

So far, at this point, The Jump Manual looks much more advanced if you’re on the look for a weight-based training program.

Long Duration (30 weeks)

Honest Boingvert Review 2020: What makes it NOT-SO-GREAT? 17As said previously, so as to understand the maximum capacity of the program, you probably spend more than six months for this training.

That may make your jumping roof somewhat higher, however a program, for example, Vert Shock offers a lot of speedier outcomes (two months) with a lighter outstanding burden.

Short Explanation of Exercises

While there is a major picture to see, there’s little clarification of individual activities and their worth.

This probably won’t be an issue in case you’re alright with simply adhering to guidelines.

Poor Layout

The program isn’t helpful to use on an everyday premise – you need to either print out the 100-page exercise log or switch between the exercise log and exercise recordings, which you can just access on the site.

Honest Boingvert Review 2020: What makes it NOT-SO-GREAT? 19


I am going to share with you exactly how I increased my vertical jump 4 inches in under an hour…

The Verdict Boingvert Review


Short Explanation of Exercise. While there is a major picture to see, there's little clarification of individual activities and their worth.


The training videos are clear and satisfactory in their quality; scientific studies back the information that’s laid out.


The program itself is legit, and if you follow its directions, you will clearly see some results over time.


To attend the advised training path (Animal and Monster) you’ll need to pay $79.95 for the lifetime membership offer.

MY Usage Rating
Usage 7/10
My Content Rating
Content 8/10
My Result Rating
Result 8/10
Price 7.5/10


So, Is Boingvert a legit program? Well… Sort of!

BoingVert may appear to be dissipated in the manner it conveys its message, yet it’s exceptionally strong to some extent.

The activity videos are clear and adequate in their quality, the data that is spread out is supported up by logical examinations, and the program has a reasonable structure that will undoubtedly bring extraordinary outcomes.

So while it may not bring speedy outcomes, for example, Vert Shock, or be as extensive and refined as The Jump Manual, it is as yet dependent on strong standards and covers all the primary viewpoints that ought to be in a vertical jump preparing program.

It wouldn’t be my first decision, however, that has less to do with the program’s structure, and more to do with the way that there are other vertical jump programs that utilization similar essential standards better.

The program itself is genuine, and if you adhere to its guidelines, you will see a few outcomes after some time.



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